JS Tutoring's Saturday Year 7 Maths Webinars

Starting 19 September 2020, JS Tutoring will be hosting Y7 Maths Webinars every Saturday 12:30–1:30 pm. Bridging the KS2 to KS3 transition, these Webinars will cover the first Module: NUMBERS


  • Webinar 1 - Saturday 19 September 2020

    • Understand and use place value for decimals, measures and integers of any size

    • Order positive and negative integers, decimals and fractions

    • Use the number line as a model for ordering of the real numbers

  • Webinar 2 - Saturday 26 September 2020

    • Use the symbols =, ≠, <, >, ≥, ≤

    • Use the concepts and vocabulary of prime numbers, factors (or divisors), multiples, common factors, common multiples, highest common factor (HCF), lowest common multiple (LCM), prime factorisation, including using product notation and the unique factorisation property

    • Use the four operations, including formal written methods, applied to integers, decimals, proper and improper fractions, and mixed numbers, all both positive and negative


  • Webinar 3 - Saturday 3 October 2020

    • Use conventional notation for the priority of operations, including brackets, powers, roots and reciprocals

    • Recognise and use relationships between operations including inverse operations

    • Use integer powers and associated real roots (square, cube and higher), recognise powers of 2, 3, 4, 5 and distinguish between exact representations of roots and their decimal approximations


  • Webinar 4 - Saturday 10 October 2020

    • Interpret and compare numbers in standard form A × 10n 1 ≤ A < 10, where n is a positive or negative integer or zero

    • Work interchangeably with terminating decimals and their corresponding fractions (such as 3.5 and 7/2 or 0.375 and ⅜)

    • Define percentage as ‘number of parts per hundred’, interpret percentages and percentage changes as a fraction or a decimal, interpret these multiplicatively, express one quantity as a percentage of another, compare two quantities using percentages, and work with percentages greater than 100%


  • Webinar 5 - Saturday 17 October 2020

    • Interpret fractions and percentages as operators

    • Use standard units of mass, length, time, money and other measures, including with decimal quantities

    • Round numbers and measures to an appropriate degree of accuracy [for example, to a number of decimal


  • Webinar 6 - Saturday 24 October 2020

    • Use approximation through rounding to estimate answers and calculate possible resulting errors expressed using inequality notation a < x ≤ b

    • Use a calculator and other technologies to calculate results accurately and then interpret them appropriately

    • Appreciate the infinite nature of the sets of integers, real and rational numbers


Only £7.50 per webinar.

Upfront payment of £45.00 is required for all 6 Webinars.

Each Webinar is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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