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Why would you want 11 plus tutoring?

Are you considering carrying out your child’s 11 plus tuition yourself, or wondering what an online tutor has to offer? In this article, I hope to offer you some reasons why you should consider an online tutor and how to find one that suits you and your child.

As always, please do feel free to contact me should you need any further advice. I am only ever more than happy to help.

Eleven plus tutors understand the exams and the content

11+ Tutors specialise in their particular area, and so they understand exactly what your child needs to succeed. A young tutor may remember their own experiences with the 11+ exams, whereas a more mature tutor will have studied the exam acutely to ensure that they are well equipped to teach their students (tutors will also likely have tutoring experience with previous students and know what is most important and what is of a lower priority).

11+ Private Tutoring increase your child’s confidence

A huge factor contributing to success in any exam is, of course, preparation. However, confidence makes a big difference too. If your child walks into an exam confident in their knowledge, ready for the exam they are about to face, their nerves will inevitably be lower, leading to increased focus during the test. 11 plus one to one tutors allow your child to receive individual and direct attention from someone who knows what they are doing; this will undoubtedly give them greater confidence in their abilities.

How To Choose The Best Online Tutor

Does the tutor have relevant qualifications?

A credible tutor has teaching certificates or other academic certificates. Not all tutors are trained teachers, but anyone teaching a child should have a good academic history or background.

You should pick a tutor that knows how to handle your child. For example, if you wish to interview the tutor before hiring them, you may want to ask about how they handle students and what they do to make learning fun.

What is the cost?

Independent tutors usually charge £17 to £25 per hour for individual tuition.

The cost varies depending on your area and the tutor’s popularity and experience. In-demand tutors can charge as high as £80+ per hour. Group tutoring is generally priced two-thirds the price of private sessions. Meanwhile, online tutors usually charge £15 per hour.

Most tutoring centres charge a monthly fee, which can vary between £50 and £120 per month, usually for two sessions per week.

Remember, charges vary among tutors. But just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best one. Some tutors will ask for payment on a weekly or semi-weekly basis, while others ask for large amounts in advance.

If a tutor asks you for full payment in advance, you should consider it very carefully before shelling out cash. If your child does not get on with his tutor, or it becomes clear that your child does not have the potential to qualify for the 11 plus exam, you will just lose a huge amount of money.

Sharan (JS Tutoring)

Sharan Spall BSc (Hons) First Class is Lead Learning Mentor & Private Tutor, Founder and Director at JS Tutoring.

Experienced in professional Private Tutoring and Mentoring for over 10 years, she has a large portfolio of over 200 successful clients.

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