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  • Sharan Spall

Wales Cancels Exams

Wales has recently announced that they will be cancelling all GCSE and A-level examinations for 2021.

Students will be graded according to classroom assessments.

Scotland has made a similar announcement for some of its 2021 exams, but other exams will go ahead, albeit a fortnight later than normal.

Northern Ireland has announced that examinations will be pushed back a week, and GCSEs will be one module reduced. This allows for the lost educational time over the pandemic period.

England has said there will be some changes, but exams will continue as usual, other than being later in the term.

Do you think there should be alignment of what happens with examinations across the whole of the UK? Do you agree that there needs to be changes as a result of the effects of the pandemic / home schooling / missed school time?

Read further information on this article on The Conversation.

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