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Students got offered a day out with lunch at the BMW Headquarters

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

COVID-19 has not stopped our students in their educational journey. Yes, our 9-year-old started lessons with us in September 2020, and in the shortest space of time, has taken so well to his 11+ learning. When he joined us, he was quiet, and we have seen his self-esteem and confidence soar in all aspects since.

In Mathematics, since September, all our Year 5 students have exponentially augmented their knowledge in Place value, Rounding, Number knowledge, Number sequences, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Ratios, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Algebra. The students have already learned about the many different Verbal reasoning question types, and from January they will be practising assessment test papers. In English, pupils have been directing their focus on all aspects of Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Writers’ techniques.

Only a few weeks ago, I set the students a Creative writing task of 500 words and they had a choice of titles to base their story on. The responses have been purely sublime! Students showed me writing sparked with incredible imagination and profound ingenuity. Here are some example sentences that blow my mind:

“Flaming red sparks of fury shattered the stillness of the air.”

“As the ginger ball mightily spreads its sturdy rays, the howling wind spiralled in the sky whilst the tree leaves danced in the wind.”

“As a falcon flapped ferociously, I heard a clippety-cloppety sound behind a few massive, mossy, mint bushes.”

“My smile was sunshine when I saw my saviour.”

“Without a whisper of warning, it all became clear, as if my vision was a puzzle and I had glued the pieces together.”

“The lion’s roar was like a trumpet, calling the pride to war.”

“The crimson ball in the sky seemed to stare furiously down at him, angry with him for losing his way”

“Brown, withered plant tendrils, as dry as paper, tickled him as they slithered their scorched scratchy skins across his forearm.”

Wow! Setting a student’s imaginative creativity free is the sign of an inspired mind and nothing is more important to us here at JS Tutoring.

Our nine-year old wrote his story about an invention that he has had brewing in his mind. Having seen a real-life accident that ended in a tragedy with only piles of metal and glass scattered, he wrote about his prototype of a car which has a north forcefield and the invisible capacity to have its magnetic force field turned on with the click of a button. The result? Well, if every car has a north forcefield turned on, then a crash can never happen at any high speed because north and north repel. This student’s story has reached the CEO of BMW who have offered him a day out with lunch at the BMW HQ with a possibility of an internship when he is older!

This is only one of our success stories. Other success stories include Student B who has been taking lessons with us since she was in Year 4. She has sat her 11+ tests this October 2020, and she has been deemed super-selective having scored full marks in her Bexley CEM Paper. She has been given the opportunity to choose her first-choice of Grammar school in September 2021.

JS Tutoring has also been helping a mother of six children, who have been home-schooling since March 2020. These students have reached unbelievable highs and have taken to home-learning so well.

Did you know that you can visit our webpage: JS Tutoring's Courses, Webinars and Lessons for our best-selling 11+ Mathematics, Verbal reasoning and Inference webinars? The webinars are only £45 for a set of six live recordings that you and your child can watch at a time that suits you with six practice papers and six set of answers too.

Email us at if you have any questions, and we will be more than happy to help.

Sharan (JS Tutoring)

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