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Understanding and Applying: Mathematical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning
and Language Inference

by Sharan Spall

The exercises in this book are designed to help children and parents see beyond the letters and numbers and to develop learning with critical thinking and reasoning skills. They emphasise the importance of deeper understanding over the recalling of facts and will help children to engage fully with and enjoy their learning journey.


In the ten chapters, you will find the culmination of the key reasoning skills required for pupils sitting 11+ secondary selection tests. This includes students seeking entry to grammar schools and independent senior schools at 11+ and 13+.


Each chapter is presented in three sections:


Section A of each chapter gives your child a Mathematical Reasoning toolkit to help develop a well-rounded foundation for primary to secondary transition.


Section B of each chapter gives your child a range of Verbal Reasoning questions, which are common in 11+ entrance tests.


Section C of each chapter includes an extract from a well-known children’s book. Read the extract with your child and attempt to answer the questions together to develop your Language Inference skills.

At the end of each chapter, I'll summarise what your child will have learned and why the exercise is important in their learning journey. Remember to share this information with your child, so that they can chart their progression and understand how the exercises are helping their learning and development.


Check your child’s answers with the answers at the back and give your child a score at the end of each chapter. Remember practice makes perfect!


Wishing your child every success.

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