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Teenagers in Library

Teenagers in Library

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11 Plus Online Tuition

Welcome to JS Tutoring

Online Coaching and Tuition in Maths, English, VR and NVR 

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CR Jay

Sharan gave invaluable feedback after each session and focused on getting the results needed. I would 100% recommend JS Tutoring to anyone looking to cover the 11 plus curriculum!!!

Abi Kc

Sharan is very experienced and knowledgeable. She keeps her lesson effective, engaging and fun. My son is able to stay focus and he was always happy to attend the lesson We definitely recommend to another Mum. Thank you once again Sharon.

Rashpal Kalsi

JS tutoring is amazing and I will recommend it to anyone! Before I went to the tutoring I really struggled in my maths but now I’m really fluent and get more things now. Now I've gained more confidence.

About our Online Tuition Courses


JS Tutoring is run by Sharon Spall, creator of the top-selling book, Understanding and Applying: Mathematical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Language Inference. 

JS Tutoring operates differently to your typical private tutors; we have built a number of modules that have been perfected through proven practice. We call ourselves an online tutoring collective for students from the age of 11 plus, but actually, we are more of a hybrid. You don’t need to worry whether your children are going to do their homework correctly, we will have a face-to-face call with them each week, guiding them and motivating them through each of the modules.
Not only do you receive tremendous courses that will completely transform your child’s understanding of subjects such as English and Maths, but your child’s weekly call with their tutor means each student gets what is needed from their extra tuition.

Our online tutoring is flexible and unique to each of our students



Sharan Spall BSc (Hons) 1st Class with QTS in Secondary Maths, is Lead Learning Mentor & Private Tutor, Founder and Director at JS Tutoring.

She holds her degree in E-commerce and Digital Business from the University of Nottingham, and has a further 15 years of work experience in industry.
Formerly a professional in Investment Banking in London and NYC with many FTSE 100 Companies, Sharan more recently inspires students to excel in Education.

Experienced in professional Private Tutoring and Mentoring for over 10 years, she has a large portfolio of over 200 successful clients.

She is also a wife and a mother to two young children.

JS Tutoring

Are you let down with your child's progress in keeping up with the National Curriculum?

Do you think your child is capable of more with some structured and personalised support?

Does your child need an extra intervention with Mathematics, Non Verbal & Verbal Reasoning, English Comprehension & Literacy?

Is your child transitioning to Secondary Education or about to sit the 11+ Test?

Are your child's results, grades and achievements lower than expectations?

Is your child's self-confidence slipping?

Do you want to give your child a Tutor and Mentor to enrich his or her future?

We Offer:


  • 11+ Year 4 Group Lessons (Online via Zoom)

  • 11+ Online Course for Year 4 and 5

  • 11+ Booster Webinars for Year 5 and 6

  • 11+ Year 5 Group Lessons (Online via Zoom)

  • 11+ Year 5 Easter and Summer Mock Test Experience Days

  • 11+ Year 5 3-day Holiday Booster Courses Year 7 Maths Webinars

How you can help your child prepare for the 11 Plus Tuition?


1. Practice


It shouldn’t need saying, but of course, doing practice papers and questions that mirror the style of the exam is always beneficial before sitting the real thing. These papers can expose kids to the many different types of non-verbal reasoning and maths questioning, which often includes problems that require a level of decoding and getting used to doing an exam in timed, silent conditions. 


The more practice your child does, the easier it gets.


This is where we come in. Our modules and exams will prepare your child, not just for upcoming exams but for studying, learning and conditioning.


2. Focus on what they DON’T know


There’s no point doing loads of maths papers if your kid’s a maths whizz. Likewise, if they’re an English genius, doing endless comprehensions probably won’t benefit them much either. 


We can identify the weaker areas, and focus on improving those – and even within a subject, determine their more vulnerable areas (e.g. angles, algebra, fractions) and make sure it is those that they focus on. 

3. Have a revision timetable


Having a timetable in your home is a great idea, and is undoubtedly better than nagging your child to do work daily. If you make the timetable with them, it gives them the bonus of having some control over their revision time. 


Make a list of all the topics/modules they need to cover in each subject and ensure that your schedule has breaks, as concentration levels at this age usually dip after 20-30 minutes. Our all with your child each week will them help us to identify where they are struggling and if any tweaks need to be made to the revision timetable.


4. Use rewards


You’re a parent – you already do everything for your child, but sadly if they’re going to revise in the holidays, they want even more. It could be a particular Christmas present, a trip somewhere, something edible, a playdate or even financial incentives (some kids drive a hard bargain). Still, for younger kids, there’s no greater incentive to work than the short-term pay off of a prize.



5. Work with them (if time permits)


Some children at 11+ age will be reluctant, or even near-unable to work unsupervised, so it is always useful if you can work with them. That said, a lot of our customers are just too busy, that is why we have our weekly calls with our students. To work with them and reward them for their hard work.

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